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BJC 2024

Lytham St. Annes High School
28th of March to the 3rd of April 2024

The Team

Want to know who is helping organise BJC 2024? We couldn’t do this without our amazing team of volunteers who put in huge amounts of effort before and during the event. Scroll down to see a little bit about the people involved.


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Lucie (she/her)

Head Organiser

I’ve been going to BJC for about 9 years now and I try and go to as many one-day conventions as I can. My main circus prop is poi but if I’m honest, I spend more time at BJC chatting to friends instead of spinning. I’m really looking forward to seeing all you lovely people at BJC this year and I’m counting down the days already!

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Andrew (he/him)

Head Organiser

I’ve picked up little bits of most circus props over the years, but mostly I juggle clubs as well as doing some contact staff with hats. My favourite thing about BJC is all the wonderful people who attend. I started doing circus stuff at university because my flatmate did poi, ten years later and we’re married and running a BJC together! In the real world I build robots, of-late in an increasingly vicarious way.

Show Team

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Show Lead


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Jorgelina (she/them)

Welcome Show Producer

Hello! I am a Mexican Juggler living in the UK, I am a Social Circus enthusiast and performer. I love club swinging and dancing and I’ll be helping out with the shows this year.

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Open Show Producer


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BYJOTY Producer


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Joe (he/him)



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Ali (he/him)


I dabble with all the fun things that can knock your noggin. I've met some amazing people at BJCs over the years and love to give back to the community through volunteering!

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Site Team

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Colin (he/him)

Site Team Lead


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Aaron (he/him)

Site Team


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Laura (she/her)

Site Team


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Alun (he/him)

Site Team

Hello dear reader, in the real world I am starting a welding career, I have worked in engineering and construction - also destruction. I juggle mostly. Starting at uni (2008? BEng) with poi, my left hand did not obey, so tried improving by juggling. That then became my main skill. I also enjoy unicycling, but try to try all the props. Best thing about BJC is meeting old and new friends. The 2nd best thing is having room and people to instruct on new props (german wheel, walking globe, highwire, board games, etc.). Least favourite thing is seeing the trick I've struggled with for 2 years done flawlessly by a 12 y/o, but hey that’s life :p

Registration/Information Desk Team

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Sadie (they/she)

Reg. Desk Team Lead

I’ve been going to BJCs since 2009. I love three ball juggling in theory, although when I’m not on The Desk you’ll mainly find me passing clubs or playing board games at conventions these days.

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Kate (she/her)

Reg. Desk Team

I've been going to BJCs since Birmingham 1993 although had a big gap between 2004-2018. Once the main reasons for that gap were old enough to fend for themselves we came back. I don't tend to juggle much at conventions now but I love meeting, chatting and playing boardgames with people, some of whom I have known for way too long. In the real world I do boring office stuff and seem to run marathons for fun!

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Reg. Desk Team

I tell people I'm a ball and club juggler/passer, but I'm more likely to be found sat down chatting. I've been to most BJCs since Pickering 2013, which was the best BJC. If you're at a loose end, I'm always up for explaining why Streetlight Manifesto's cover of Such Great Heights by The Postal Service is the best cover song of all time.

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Reg. Desk Team


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Reg. Desk Team


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Reg. Desk Team


Workshops Team

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Callie (she/her)

Workshop Coordinator

I started Circus things around 17 years ago! (my circus can almost drink!). However I only, then, learnt the basics to perform in an amateur production of Barnum! When eventually reaching uni, I realised circus was a calling! Nowadays you’ll find me fighting with clubs/organising the British fight night series, playing unicycle hockey or occasionally performing with a diabolo. I've been going to BJC since 2014, and have loved it since! I absolutely adore the talent of people and how kind souled everyone is! In the scary real world, I am a software developer. And find hobbies in modifying my car and playing computer/board games.

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Bethan (she/her)

Workshop Coordinator

Hello :) I joined the circus soc at uni and have been going to BJC ever since. I love trying new things so I have pretty much tried everything once (and mastered none) although I mainly stick to poi and a bit of aerial. Everyone at BJC is always lovely and it’s definitely a holiday to relax and be yourself. I’m an Ecologist with a passion for riparian mammals and botany.

Youth Team

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Rosie (she/her)

Youth Team Lead

Hello, I work for Circus Leeds and we run a weekly young people's circus club, for all abilities. I hope to bring some ideas and fun to the BJC for young people.

I'm a juggler mostly, although I do a bit of everything. My day job is being a clown in hospitals all over the country to bring smiles to children who are feeling poorly.

Our hope is to create an interesting/exciting program of activities at the BJC that has ages 5-18 in mind, this will be everything from workshops and evening entertainment.

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Youth Team


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Fiery Jacks Troupe

Fiery Jacks troupe will be supporting the youth circus programme at BJC, learn more here.

Welfare Team

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Lucian/Luci (they/them)

Accessibility and First Aid Lead

I’m predominantly a poi spinner but I love to have a play with any circus props and try my hand at aerial and acro bits too! I’ve been doing poi since high school when my best friend started teaching me and then joined her teaching circus at scout camps for the summers when we were in our university days. I’m a paramedic by profession and my passions are caring for and advocating for people. I want to make BJC a safe and accessible place for every individual who wishes to attend.

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Carrie (she/her)

Welfare Lead

Hello! My first step into all things circus was learning poi whilst working at summer camp in America. I joined the juggling club in my second year of university and came to my first BJC in 2008. This is my third year in the crew co-ordinating the welfare team with my husband. We look after the health and wellbeing of the wonderful crew so that it is an enjoyable experience for all involved.

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Mike (he/him)

Welfare Lead


Other Team Members

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Allan (he/him)


I started juggling at college while doing performing arts. It was tough at first but I had caught ðe bug. I love ðe BJC community, seeing new skills and meeting new circus people and everyone coming togeðer. In ðe real world I work in a call centre in debt collection. Fun fact, I use old English letters “eth” & “thorn” all ðe time.

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Shaun (he/him)

Community Outreach

Learnt how to juggle with Jim and Anna at Cosmos in York back in the early 90’s. Been to pretty much every BJC since. Have performed at several public shows, the occasional fete worse than death, an odd renegade or two and cadged money off gullible tourists on the street begging busking all over the world. Apart from juggling, I have a bit of an unhealthy interest in the dark arts and doing surprising things with balloons. In the real-world after taking the blue pill, I have a computer games company and spend some of my days building 3d characters and environments in the increasingly vain hope someone will pay me for them.

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Anna (she/her)

Social Media

Hello! I started all things circus at the magic and circus society at uni. I started with juggling and ended up all the way in contortion. Meeting up with friends is by far my favourite thing about the circus community, there's nothing better than throwing objects at each other and hoping to catch them! I design lasers between 9-5 and totally forget about them outside of work so don’t ask me any difficult questions!

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James (he/him)

Third Brain

Like most things in life I stumbled into circus entirely by accident when a friend said “come watch us rehearse”. I’ve been dropping various props ever since, starting with poi and then learning to juggle to avoid writing my dissertation. My favourite thing about BJC is getting to do all the weird and wonderful things that the real world doesn’t have nearly enough of. In said real world I work in contract management, which is about as interesting as it sounds.

Volunteer Coordination Team

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Dee (she/her)

Volunteer Team Lead

You may know me from any of the BJCs since 2006 and/or any EJCs since 2005. I occasionally remember to juggle, but am more known for my ability to manipulate jugglers into helping than manipulating props! For me, juggling conventions are about the chance to foster the wonderful community that we need to cherish.

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Volunteer Team


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Volunteer Team


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Jo (she/her)

Volunteer Team

I started juggling in 2014, attended my first BJC in 2015 and found my people! I'm predominantly a ball juggler but I do love passing clubs and have been known to dabble in diablo. The juggling community is the best in the world, and I can't wait to see you all again for BJC 2024!

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Volunteer Team